Thursday, June 30, 2016

Make Ovuh

How bout dem brows?

Hey! Remember that time when I was a VIB Rouge and I went to Sephora dressed like Sephora? That was fun. So was the makeover that I got. Rebecca at the Sephora on 99th and Columbus did a spectacular job. 

I am now an Algenist devotee. I love their REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer. Rebecca used a fab palette from Stila. Let's not forget the badass brow from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Go see her. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Don't Speak To Me...

It is Monday and I am tired. 

To some assbags on the street, I look angry. By assbags, I mean leering men who were obviously raised in a misogynistic environment. Notice that I didn't say raised by cunts

"Smile", they say as I walk past. Why are they speaking to me AND telling me how to move muscles in my face? Who the frig gave them permission to engage in any sort of way with me? This is a form of street harassment and it is annoying. 

Larry hates it too...

Also, I hate when acquaintances ask, "What's wrong?" or "Are you angry?" No dummy, this is how I look. 

David DeNicolo's aptly titled article, "Resting Bitch Face" in the June issue of Allure  hit the nail on the head:

"We're only saying this once: Resting Bitch Face. Given the intrinsic misogyny of the term, and the fact that it's most often used to describe women, we'll call it RBF from now on. Not perfect but less offensive."

Needless to say, I am going on Feminist Apparel and buying this:

Yea, really...

It is $29.95 and also comes in grey or black. For those of you who prefer a different style, t-shirts or sweatshirts are available:

Great for the Stanley Cup Finals- GO SHARKS!

Also $29.95 and awesome

All I need is a Feminist Apparel T-Shirt and James Caan in a can. Then I will be invincible. 

Caan In A Can would be great. If some asshole harasses you, just spray and he pops out. 
Then he does to them what Sonny Corleone did to Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather. 

My morning commutes would be so much easier.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today Is Da Last Day...

If you like The Strokes, you know that they have a lot going on. Their new EP, Future Present Past is out, they just played The Governors Ball. Thank God, that happened Friday and not today.

Oh and they have a cool Pop-Up Shop that closes today. It is open from now until 9PM. Move your ass. If you have 40 bucks, you can buy a Strokes T-Shirt. If you have only $15, you can buy the EP.

Look how cute this place is:

Friday, April 22, 2016

Words of Wisdom

Sephora can't hide all your imperfections. So drink water and get some sleep.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Everybody Left and Jeggings Blow

The past few weeks and months have been chock full of creative directors departing big fashion houses. 

Here are three articles reported by some news outlets:

Hedi Slimane

Massimiliano Giornetti

Anthony Vaccarello

Jeggings are the Ford Pinto of pants because my ass was on fire. 
I felt the burn* on Friday while I was killing time before the free Weezer concert at Rough Trade. Great show. Poor choice of pants. 

*I am also feeling the Bern.