Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blue-Collar It Girl's Q & A With Madison

What artists and bands have influenced your music?
When I was little I was glued to pop radio. I loved to make up dances in my room. My dad listened to a lot of Beach Boys, so I really came to understand great melodies, harmonies and pop hooks. My brother listened to a lot of indie and rock music so I kind of dipped my ears in all kinds of music genres. I started clubbing in Miami when I was 14, so I really got into dance music then!! I am also inspired by poetry - I carry around a real beat up version of T.S. Eliot The Wasteland around from like junior high school. There are hearts and stars doodled all over it.

I took a look at your Tumblr and saw that you attended Governors Ball. You were much closer to the Strokes than I was. Who else did you see? Who were your favorite acts? 
HA yeah I wiggled my way up real close, I had seen them before in NY and in Vegas. They sounded better than ever at Gov Ball!!! The weather was so great. The Glitch Mob blew me away though, they KILLED IT!!!!

Do you think that fashion, beauty, art, travel, and music are all connected? 
Insert the 100% emoji here. All of these things are inspiring and when one is inspired --- you naturally feel more creative and open.. anything can happen when these channels are stimulated. Fashion is ART, beauty is inspiring (and beauty is BTW in the minds eye; I think finding a dirty penny on the street is beauty), travel and exploration shows you things you have never seen before. I just got back from Peru and it was an amazing experience! It always opens your eyes when you travel. Music connects emotions and memories and movement! They are all in a big witches brew of awesomeness. 

I really liked your EP Into the Bright Light. I also agree with your Tumblr statement, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Pop Music”. Why do you think some people have such an aversion to Pop? Is it because of overexposed, redundant pop singers like Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Katy Perry?
Thanks! I'm glad you like the labour of love! I say that because when people ask me what kind of music I make I say pop because to me I want it to be 'popular' and it's got really big hooks and it's fun. I feel like when you say POP people automatically think oh, its major label, its manufactured, it's not 'real' but I disagree with that stereotype all the time. Of course some of it is, but for the most part, there is a reason why that Miley song gets stuck in your head or that Katy Perry song has got you singing along. There is something genius in it. It seems so simple but actually it's pretty darn hard to make a killer pop song. 

Did the people at Victoria’s Secret give you some schwag as a Thank You for letting them use “Give Me Your Oh” in their commercial? 
HA! NO! Victoria's Secret you know where to find me!!!!! I am a big advocate of use of music in film and advertising, it's my radio.. and hearing my song paired up with some hot models is cool with me!! And its a way for people to hear my music and make new fans! And of course they have to pay to use the song, so in turn that money goes back into my own record label and allows me to keep recording and releasing new music!!!!! 

How passionate are you about animal rights?
Oooooh, well, I am donating half of everything I make from the sales of my EP 'In The Bright Light' to an animal rescue group called Bad Ass Brooklyn , where I rescued my puppy from. In fact, I  just stopped typing for moment and gave her a big smooch. I love animals, ALL of them even spiders ;-) so I'd say I'm all about animals and am doing what I can to help those in need!!! 

What inspires you? 
Truly what inspires me are heroes. I watch that Anderson Cooper moderated show 'CNN Heroes' and cry. Now THAT is REAL inspiring stuff. I see that and think, OK I GOT this, I can do more, be more, be a better human, a better songwriter, a better everything! ROCK N ROLL!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pretty Little Liar

Oh, Knives Chau. You and I both know that is a lie. Nobody reads my blog.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Time To Go To Urban Outfitters

I need jeans. I need them desperately. Whenever I need anything for daily use, I go to Urban Outfitters. That is where i bought my Urbanears

Urban Outfitters has a fab collection of well-worn denim. Here are a few of my favorites:
BDG Skinny High-Rise Jean-$79

One Teaspoon Awesome Boyfriend Jean-$149

BLANKNYC Classic Shredded Skinny Jean- $98

I also want this cool dress. It is the ideal wardrobe staple for my indecisive life.

One Teaspoon Love School Hooded Midi Dress-$154

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scentified:Musc Ravageur

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle is for the sophisticated and enigmatic. The whole concept behind these perfumes is artistic exclusivity. Malle works with perfumers to add something unique and timeless to the collection.

One of the perfumers, Maurice Roucel created Musc Ravageur in 2001. It is everything that a perfume should be. Bergamot, Tangerine, and Cinnamon add heft to this Oriental masterpiece. Vanilla, Musk, and Amber adds intensity. Hence, Musc Ravageur. 

FYI-Musc Ravageur is French for destructive musk. Stick that in your nose and smell it. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Save The Whales

Check out this Merona shirt at Target. Perfect for a date The Museum of Natural History. Whales don't care.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Post-Governors Ball Skin Care

Damon Albarn threw water in my face a bunch of times tonite. I still need to wash my face because I was in a crowd of dirty hipsters. I am also wearing a ton of makeup. Bioré Daily Makeup Removing Towelettes are a must!

How To Survive The Governors Ball

It's all about the Sun Bum.