Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fork Yeah!

I am pet sitting in Bay Ridge for the week. I had my hair blown out at DryBar last Friday. By Tuesday, it was a horror show.

I had to use Pantene.  My go to drug store brand is Yes To Cucumbers. It is sulfate free and I have purple hair. You know what they say about desperate times.

I am sure you think that's not so bad. I didn't pack a comb either.  I used a fork comb out my wet hair.

Yep. A utensil was used as a beauty tool.
It worked like a friggin charm.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Little B & A

This is what it looks like when you get your makeup done at a department store beauty event. Isn't it hideous? I won't even say which store or brand it was for. It is not entirely their fault. I didn't realize how bad it was until I went outside and saw myself in natural light.

I had 5 different powders piled on top of foundation and a really bloody lipstick slathered on my fotch. The guy that did it wasn't even a makeup artist. He was an executive AND obviously a moron.
"I miss doing makeup", he mused. 

He showed me a lipstick color and then said it was sold out because Jessica Alba was photographed wearing it. I hate when people tell me that celebrities I hate wear stuff that I like. 

Here is the after:

The sweet, beautiful, breathable after. Yes to Cucumbers has never let me down. They are the absolute best.

I think I will stick with makeup studios and boutiques. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dads across America received the gift of Poo~Pourri.

The Poo~Pourri Father’s Day Bundle is the way to go. It includes Royal Flush and Trap-A-Crap. The former is a fresh masculine blend of eucalyptus and spearmint, while the latter is a deep spicy and fresh blend of blood orange.

$24.95 is worth the fresh smelling bathroom.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Get Dressed

In a world of insipid t-shirts,  what the hell is there to wear? I don't to look like some millennial hipster jerk. Live2Rock is the answer to my prayers. Their shirts are soft and go well with J. Crew Pixie pants and maxi skirts.

They also go great with purple hair. The Dolman and Racerback styles are my personal favorites. Once in awhile the nice people at Live2Rock have great sales. 

Forget your stupid cat T-shirts and buy one of these.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lazy Day Hair

Nothin like a Hair U Wear Bellissima Braid to keep your Monday hair looking fresh. Who really has time to worry about every single detail on a cloudy Monday? Bellissima, indeed. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Than Meets The Eye-Donatella Versace

On April 30th, I ran around like a lunatic. First, I worked my day job. Then, I ran to the New York Rangers Hockey House. After all that sweaty madness, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Atelier with Alina Cho: Donatella Versace was about to take place.

Alina Cho is an outstanding fashion journalist. Donatella Versace is pretty badass too. In case you haven't heard, Donatella Versace will be the face of Givenchy's Fall 2015 campaign. Riccardo Tisci is very inspired by her. 

"Subito", (Italian for immediately) is a word that Donatella used to describe fashion and technology these days. "People are starving for new things", Donatella said. "People are also just starving", I thought to myself. Anyway.

Alina Cho inquired about what it was like to work alongside her brother, Gianni. According to Donatella, Gianni was always forward thinking. He was the first designer to open a store in China in 1982. He was also the first to start red carpet dressing. 

Gianni created Versus with Donatella in mind. Versus was her passion.Versus has had everyone from Christopher Kane to J.W. Anderson as creative director. Anthony Vaccarello is now the permanent creative director.

Speaking of creativity, many of Donatella's friends are like-minded individuals. She considers Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Lady Gaga close friends. J.Lo was not the first to wear the Jungle Dress to the Grammys. Donatella had worn it in 1999 to the Met Ball. She will be dressing her tomorrow for the Costume Institute's Spring 2015 Exhibition, China: Through the Looking Glass.

What is it like being friends with Madonna? "She's an icon. When Madonna is out in Miami, we see each other almost everyday." 
Donatella said of the Spring/Summer 2015 ads featuring Madonna, the main objective was to "show her soul".

She also opened the Versace archives for Lady Gaga. What did she think when Gaga wrote Donatella for her? "When she told me, I thought she was joking", she said. 

Donatella loves rock & roll. When she is working in Milan she likes to "listen to music full blast." "Rock-n-roll for me is when you wanna break rules. I'm a rock chick." She also compared rock & roll to her brother, Gianni: "brave, daring, and bold". 

"With rock-n-roll, you don't wanna be safe", she said. 

"You understand me? People usually don't understand me.", she asked. Honestly, the fillers in her face do affect her speech. Although, no one would dare say that to her.

Donatella on The Ritz in Paris: "The Ritz is where I saw Gianni for the last time. I was supposed to see him in two days." She ended up showing her Versace Atelier line there in 2012 after an eight absence.

Donatella on her hair, her look:

Donatella Versace and Alina Cho
"I don't know", she said. "People think that I am not easy to talk to, but I am. But I am very shy."

"When I was 11 ½ Gianni decided to do highlights." 

"Would you ever cut your hair?", Cho asked. 

"No", she said. 

She is pretty low-key when she is not working. "Milan is where I work. I don't go out. Never."

What does she wear? "I love a good jogging suit." Oh, and she never wears flat shoes. "I feel like I lose my balance", she said. "I always wear heels." 

Needless to say that she has concerns about the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "long, long staircase."

I had to ask what it was like working with Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

She said, "It was great. He is very down to earth and easy going. Also very beautiful to look at."

Donatella Versace is a force to be reckoned with. Her self-deprecating humour and frankness is refreshing in such a fickle industry. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015


This is what happens when you comment on a "fashion icon" wearing something age inappropriate on Instagram:

Me-What is the new look called? Back fat

Everyone else-haha gud one
was thinkin the same thing
they don't need a bunch of hate comments from jealous ass bitches

Me- Learn how to type proper sentences that aren't filled with slang. People are allowed to have opinions. Even opinions that are filled with sarcasm.

It is obviously abhorrent to comment on a photo. You are attacked and called a names. I know she has been a "muse" for many designers, but who really cares. We get it. She is 40 and an industry that is obsessed with an illusion and youth. She should have stood up a little straighter. As for young girls who are influenced by everything they see and obsessed with being thin: Read a book. Go outside. Stop sitting in front of your computer. Get a hobby. I also think that people need to relax. And stop trolling.

Everyone else-obviously you're also obsessed with being thin if you see a skin fold and feel the need to call someone else fat. and also hating on people who haven't done anything to do implies to me that you also need something more productive to do. anyway i said my piece. just wish being mean and spiteful to other people wasn't so approved of by society. i hope you find compassion and love in your heart ❤️

Everyone else- are you kidding? that's called her skin. you can tell by the size of her leg that she is nowhere near fat. don't be so influenced by the media.
That is literally so stupid. Please grow up and learn to respect people who are actually successful 

It is amazing how obsessed some people are with celebrities. It is also astounding how many people who are into fashion are also inarticulate sheep. Such uptight morons.