Sunday, April 26, 2015


This is what happens when you comment on a "fashion icon" wearing something age inappropriate on Instagram:

Me-What is the new look called? Back fat

Everyone else-haha gud one
was thinkin the same thing
they don't need a bunch of hate comments from jealous ass bitches

Me- Learn how to type proper sentences that aren't filled with slang. People are allowed to have opinions. Even opinions that are filled with sarcasm.

It is obviously abhorrent to comment on a photo. You are attacked and called a names. I know she has been a "muse" for many designers, but who really cares. We get it. She is 40 and an industry that is obsessed with an illusion and youth. She should have stood up a little straighter. As for young girls who are influenced by everything they see and obsessed with being thin: Read a book. Go outside. Stop sitting in front of your computer. Get a hobby. I also think that people need to relax. And stop trolling.

Everyone else-obviously you're also obsessed with being thin if you see a skin fold and feel the need to call someone else fat. and also hating on people who haven't done anything to do implies to me that you also need something more productive to do. anyway i said my piece. just wish being mean and spiteful to other people wasn't so approved of by society. i hope you find compassion and love in your heart ❤️

Everyone else- are you kidding? that's called her skin. you can tell by the size of her leg that she is nowhere near fat. don't be so influenced by the media.
That is literally so stupid. Please grow up and learn to respect people who are actually successful 

It is amazing how obsessed some people are with celebrities. It is also astounding how many people who are into fashion are also inarticulate sheep. Such uptight morons.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stick This In Your Mouth

Since Easter is 2 days away, everyone is excited about chocolate bunnies, Cadbury crap, and all sorts of sugary shit.

With great Peeps comes great cavities, plaque, and diabetes. Gross.

I will putting Supersmile Crystal Collection Toothbrushes in my Easter baskets. It was designed by Rubin Singer. It is only $15. It is perfect post-kale and carrot accessory.

For those of you on a budget, GoodMouth has $2 toothbrushes and a subscription for your oral hygiene needs. GoodMouth will also donate 2 toothbrushes to someone in need through the GivingGoodness program. 

Take care, brush your hair (and teeth).

Friday, February 6, 2015


Your hair is exactly that...YOUR HAIR. 

Some stylists respect that. Others don't. 

Let's say, you walk into a salon in Staten Island and you need a haircut. You will get looooooong layers and a bouncy blowout. They will NEVER give you a chin-length bob. They will NEVER give you bangs. They will give you a Staten Island haircut.

You may also get a stylist at the chair next to you who doesn't mind her fuckin business while you are talking to your stylist. They live in this Staten Island/Jersey Shore Bubble. Your highlights will be chunky and caramel-colored. Staten Islanders say "CARMEL". If you don't want highlights, you will get chocolate brown or black hair. 

If you go to Manhattan, you will get what you ask for. Do you want bangs AND a ton of hair chopped off? You got it. Do you want a crazy hair color (purple, red)? Well, your NYC stylist will help you pick one. 

There is also an "US AGAINST THEM" attitude amongst Staten Island and NYC stylists. One Lower East Side referred to Staten Island hairstyles as "that Victoria's Secret hairdo". While Tottenville stylists think that "they charge too much in NYC for a shitty haircut". 

Well then.

It is all up to you. It comes down to location and what you are willing to spend. If you want basic, go to Staten Island. If you want edgy, go to NYC.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Down To The Wire Gifts

Here are two last minute gifts that any chick would love. Smashbox On The Rocks Lip Gloss will be under my tree next to this Glam Rock Conair hair brush.

You never know who is going to turn up. It is always good to have emergency gifts.

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NARS Audacious Lipstick

I saw this photo of Tilda Swinton wearing Annabella Audacious Lipstick and I nearly fainted. I was immediately inspired to try a bold lip with a "less than" look on the eyes.

Where else does one go to find out about NARS Audacious Lipstick, but the Upper East Side? Located on the corner of Madison and 76th, NARS is a sanctuary.

Justin Heslop was there to help me on my Audacious Lipstick quest. 

Tall and gracious, Justin had all the answers. 

Why is makeup so important in a woman's beauty wardrobe?

Being able to customize specifically what your whole look is and something as simple as lip color can really brighten up your whole complexion. It can either subdue or highlight something from your complexion depending on the shade you select and what else your wearing. It truly is a piece of your wardrobe. You should think about the shade of your lip as much as you should think about the shade of your shoes or the jewelry you are wearing. It really does a take an outfit from day to night very easily.

What if a woman doesn't want to wear anything but lipstick? What should she do?

It would depend on her skin tone, but I really feel that with lipstick and François Nars' big philosophy with makeup in general is that there are no rules. It's a thing where it really depends on your style. A lot of women waste a lot of time trying to find the perfect color for their skin, but it's actually a thing where, I don't think there is one perfect color. You can wear anything, but what changes is what you have to do to wear a certain color. 

What is your favorite shade from the Audacious Lipstick Collection?

One of my favorite shades in the Collection is Dominique. The thing with Dominique is that it's such an interesting color. It's on trend with that kind of lilac-y colored lip, but it's not so lilac-y that it enters the room before you. The thing about a color like this is that everyone can wear it, but some women may need El Agua liner, which is very close. Some women may need Morocco, which is a little brown and anchors the color into the rest of your look.

I think it's a really sophisticated step into that world of a trend color. It's such a different shade and it looks different on everyone. I've seen it on the very fairest to the very deepest of skin and the way you can kind of transform it to fit each woman.

So there's just little tricks. Just looking at it and finding out what you like...

A good artist will be able to take a color like when you look at this and what jumps out at you. [At this point, Justin showed me Geraldine- or as I call it the Tangerine Dream].

Even if you are a woman with very natural aesthetics, this may be a color where you think, "This is beautiful but I can never wear it." 

Everything jumps out at me. I would want the whole collection.

That's amazing. The pigments on these are amazing.
Even someone who loves the color, but thinks it's not something she could wear, you can take a color like that and mix it with a brown based lip liner. It gives it a little compromise. 

Cool. It looks beautiful. I don't think that I would want to mix these colors.

No. They are very true to color and they are very modern.

What is it about NARS that keeps customers happy?

François Nars' aesthetic is so perfectly edited. Such amazing style. The partnership with Shiseido really gives us access to the best technology in the world. When you combine that with his creative eye, it's really just a recipe for success. To my knowledge, no other company has that perfect marriage: style, sophistication, technology about them. 

François is into photography, fashion, and film. It shows in his collections. For example, the women he picks. His muses, if you will. 

It's amazing. You can see that the colors are perfectly selected and that's just within his creative eye. Everything kind of balances one another out. A big thing within selecting those bold colors is you balance the rest of your makeup and the rest of your outfit around certain things. 

You want a signature piece to your look. Some days that may be an amazing pair of heels. Some days it's going to be your lip color. Some days it's going to be a statement necklace. 

Which Audacious lipstick would go well with Brumes (Eye Shadow) or Interstellar (Eye Paint)?

Those are two very different shadows. There's two different ways. Brumes is quite a dark smokey eye. You can do anything. There's no rules, but it depends on the person. 

What's their style? What's their image? What's their goal? 

The easy way to answer that question about Brumes, I would mostly go into our Neutral row right here. Raquel is one of my favorites from the collection. [That also became on of my faves] It has just enough pinky-peachiness, it's right in the middle. You can pat it onto the lip if you are doing a Brumes eye.

Actually Interstellar (Eye Paint) is one of my favorite pieces. That and Iskandar have great sheens where you can use these even sometimes just to kind of pat it on with the finger. 

I brush it on like the Tin Man.

If you're going there, that works. I love that. I would feel comfortable to go as heavy as you desire with that. 

Don't forget the black liner. 

Yes, do a nice, black tight line. You can get creative with the line if you want to.  I would have a tendency to pair it with things that are on the deeper side.  

Things like Liv. Liv is such a beautiful color. It's vampy without
looking costume-y. 

NARS definitey keeps the sophistication in. 

I left with 3 Audacious Lipsticks: Geraldine, Raquel, and Liv. 

And a new game face.

Special thanks to Heather Park and Justin Heslop. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get Lost, Cupcakes!

It looks like the cupcake craze has finally come to an end. Now it's all about the gluten-free macarons. Dana's Bakery has a ton to offer at the new shop in Gansevoort Market. I am getting hair color inspiration from the Birthday Cake Macaron.

But enough about me, let's talk about Dana's.

Since it is the holidays, I would recommend Dana's Bakery for the sweet-toothed individuals in your life. The December Holiday Box comes with  Egg Nog, Sugar Cookie, and Nutcracker (Chocolate Hazelnut. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a gym membership to burn it off.

Happy Holidays.
December Holiday Box- $30

New Shop at 52 Gansevoort Street

Take a look inside.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Word About Gratis...

Not too long ago, a public relations firm sent me a complimentary blowout and mani at a midtown salon that they represented. 

I know what you are thinking. Not too shabby. 


The salon assistant who was showing me around couldn't help but sneak in curt remarks about how much the place sucked. He also wanted to make a reality TV show, so people could see "the truth". 

When I got into the chair, I knew what the assistant meant. My blowout guy had the personality of a wet mop. He rushed through the blowout like he had to take a shit. The owner, who's name is plastered on the salon door was no prize either. He was two chairs down working on a client and just stared at me blankly. 

Either he didn't know that I was coming or he didn't care since he wasn't getting paid.

The mani was meh. 

Needless to say, my post sounded like a Yelp review. The PR flack was not too thrilled. Neither was I.

I prefer to remain anonymous when writing about a salon or spa. It doesn't compromise the piece. It also keeps the peace.