Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cymbals Eat Guitars-August 19th-Apple Store-Soho

I walked into the Apple Store with my Motorola Droid Ultra and this is what I saw: Cymbals Eat Guitars. As you can see by the pics, that bitch would not zoom for shit. Enough about my phone's horrendous camera.

They were grand. I've seen them a few times already. New albums=new energy. 

Cymbals Eat Guitars has a new album coming out in Europe on 8/25 and here in the US on 8/26. It is called LOSE. 

Do you know how fashion and beauty publications tell you what to do? "700 $700 SHOES FOR FALL" "DON'T GET A FULL BRAZILIAN ANYMORE! BATHING SUIT BEARDS ARE BACK". Well, I am telling you to pre-order LOSE. Then you can listen to Joseph D'Agostino (guitar+vocals), Matt Whipple (bass+vocals), Brian Hamilton(keyboards+vocals), and Matthew Miller(drums) ALL THE TIME!!!!!

This is their 3RD studio album. They will be on tour in a bit for a bit. If you go, wear Tina Belcher rabbit ears. I'll explain later.

Don't listen to those faceless publications, listen to me. Don't piss away your wages on expensive shoes, don't grow a beard in your bathing suit, and go pre-order LOSE.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Paintbox-Part 1

Only a former beauty editor could create a nail studio as cool as Painbox. Eleanor Langston is the founder of this Soho sanctuary. In case you didn't know, polish and gel manis are de rigueur. 

I finally made it there last Friday. If you are looking for a place to end an arduous workweek, look no further. Go see Natalia. She is meticulous, which is important in nail studios. She helped me choose this look called the Inner Circle.

This was my first gel manicure. It was also the best manicure that I've ever gotten. Absolute perfection. 

My next trip to Paintbox will be for a basic, polish manicure.

Stay tuned.

Black, gold, and glitter.

 Look how nice this place is...

 Painbox also has a nail selfie station.

Here are some of the cool looks that Paintbox offers:

Hot Tips
Stone's Throw


Painbox is located at 17 Crosby Street between Howard and Grand 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

First I Was Here, Then I Was There

The other day, I went Look Good Feel Better National Beauty Editor's Day at Saks Fifth Avenue. Look Good Feel Better is about boosting women's self-esteem and making their days brighter as they endure cancer treatments. It is a great cause. 

I met Harper's Bazaar Beauty Director Alexandra Parnass at the Tom Ford counter. It was fun bouncing ideas off of a magazine editor. We both agree that sticky gloss and waxing your eyebrows are not cool. Alexandra picked out some lipstick and an Eye Color Quad Tom Ford's Fall Collection. She also stressed the importance of primer. 

By the way, there is such a thing as a beauty wardrobe. Tom Ford must be a part of it. His whole line is luxurious. 

THE Alexandra Parnass of BAZAAR!!!!!

I also meandered over to the Lancôme counter and met InStyle Beauty Directors Kahlana Barfield and Angelique Serrano. I was so busy yapping with Kahlana about her cool hair and job that I forgot to take a pic. She was impressed with my Tom Ford schwag bag. Then I got my makeup done by Jobana. I told her that I was going to see The Roots. 

She gave me a smokey eye and a nude lip. She also introduced me to the brand new Grandiôse Mascara. Go see her. 

It was great to meet Angelique Serrano. I've been following her beauty advice since she was at Allure. I enjoyed chatting with her about how far Fresh Lip Treatments have come and juicing/sandwiches.

It was a great day for a good cause. 

Angelique Serrano is awesome

Jobana does superb work

After this fun charity event, I walked over to the Best Buy Theater and waited in line for 3 hours to see The Roots. It was worth the wait. If you haven't seen The Roots live, you haven't lived.